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The day I did my story in the Chureca, the Managua city dump, in February 2011, my life changed. At the time, I was working on a 25-minute radio documentary for Swiss Public Radio.  I was a reporter, who was struggling to find an answer to one basic question about my job: What impact do I have on the people I meet and do stories on? I had reported on many crises around the world, the last one being the earthquake in Haiti. I had come back from that country full of praise from others for my stories. The one piece that was talked about a lot, was about Haitians fighting in cemeteries to find a lone spot to quickly bury their loved ones. I remembered clearly the smell of death and the despair in people’s voices as they told their stories. And the question stayed had with me: what impact had I had on the people I had interviewed?This was the state of mind I was in, when I started working on my documentary. In the Chureca, I met a lot of incredible people but on this blog, you will read a lot about 3 of them: Dominga, Fabiola and Maryuri. Theses three young women are the main participants in BY MY SIDE. I should add Noel, Fabiola’s brother, an incredible 15 year-old teenager, whose will to get an education and to make it out of the Chureca really encouraged to finish the film.


I made BY MY SIDE for them. I want this film to have an impact on them. I want these voices to heard. Dominga, a 25 year-old woman with terminal Aids, has taught me courage. Despite everything that happened to her, she does not complain about it. Maryuri, a pregnant 19 year-old girl, and 11 year-old Fabiola have this in common with Dominga. Despite the fact that they live and work in a garbage dump, you won’t hear them complain about their life. You will hear them dream about leaving the Chureca, but complaining is simply not something they do. They are survivors.


BY MY SIDE is an independent documentary about them. In the next few weeks and months, you will find on this blog a lot of information about the making of this film, about its participants and about its team. Thank you for your interest and for your support.

A Mi Lado released on iTunes on June 23rd in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg

This is big news for us. A Mi Lado, the feature documentary produced by JCDe Productions and distributed by CAT&Docs, will be released on iTunes on June 23rd in France, Switzerland, Belgium and in Luxembourg! And the US release will follow next month. After a successful festival run, the film will now be avilable for audiences …

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Interview on NTN 24 In April, I was in invited to talk about By My Side  on NTN 24, Latin America's largest news network. It was a great experience and oportunity to present the film to a large Latin American audience. We are currently working on a new project. We will keep you posted soon.

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Review of By My Side


"A Mi Lado was a very moving film. It’s one those films that reminds us that we take a lot for granted such as,  a place to sleep, food to eat, clothes to wear and access clean water. We so much want to help these three woman and their families but …

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New York Premiere!


Great news for the film and its team! A Mi Lado is coming to New York City in April. The film will screen on April 13 at 9:15 pm at the Quad Cinema in the context of the Havana Film Festival New York! Join us and meet part of the …

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Houses for sale in the Chureca

Waste pickers from the Chureca had been waiting for a new house for months. They could see it being built near the site, where they are scavenging every day. A woman apparently tried to take advantage of this hope for a new home. More than 30 people told police earlier …

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Unfulfilled Promises


Fatima, Dominga's sister, recently received a new house in the new housing development in the Chureca. These houses were built to relocate the Churequeros. Authorities have also been building a new recycling plant to give the waste pickers a new job. El Nuevo Diario recently reported that some people of …

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Recycling the Chureca


Last Friday, I was in Trenton, NJ. It is technically a world away from the Chureca. But when I stepped into the offices of TerraCycle and when I met Tom Szaky, the young CEO of the company, I thought about the Churequeros a lot. Tom Szaky recycles all he can …

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Story in Le Vendredi (Switzerland)


This is an important story as it ran in a magazine published in the town I was born.  

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Updated Poster


Here is the poster of By My Side designed by Fabio Cutro and updated festival selections and awards. We hope 2013 will be even better than 2012 for the film. Thank you all for your support!

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Empowering the women of the Chureca


By My Side is documenting the life of 3 women of the Chureca. But they are people in the landfill of Managua, who are trying to help these women find a way out. As we were shooting the film, we witnessed the work of Earth Education Project, a great UK …

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