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LUISA DOMINGA ARAGON MORALES Everyone in La Chureca knows her as Dominga. The 25-year-old woman has spent half of her life in the garbage dump of Managua. She arrived there as a child, after she was raped by her stepfather. Her life has become a nightmare made of prostitution, glue addiction, AIDS and homelessness. As she is fighting terminal AIDS while looking after her own sick mother, Dominga has decided to reestablish a relationship with her lost 6 year-old son, Luis Domingo.


FABIOLA MAGDALENA GARCIA CASTRO Fabiola is at a crossroads. Born and raised in the Chureca, the 11-year-old girl works in the dump with her brother Noel. But she has been chosen by an evangelical Christian group to be the poster child of a program that tries to help Chureca girls by taking them away from their families. Fabiola stayed in the foundation for a few weeks but left when she missed her mom. The group is trying to bring her back, and now Fabiola has a heart-wrenching decision to make.


MARYURI ARGELICA HERNANDEZ LOPEZ Maryuri has been working in the Chureca with her mother Alba Rosa since she was a child. At the age of 20, she tries to bring up her daughter, who seems destined to the same fate. When she was a teenager, Maryuri studied to become a beautician but had to give up her dream after her mother was unable to pay the tuition. Despite ongoing health problems and a difficult pregnancy, Maryuri works in the Chureca with her entire family.


LUIS DOMINGO ARAGON MORALES Named after his mother by the doctor who delivered him, Luis Domingo lives in an orphanage in Managua. He was taken away from his mom at birth because Dominga had tuberculosis at the time and was unable to take care of him in the Chureca. His father, a Churrequero, died when he was a baby. He goes to a public school in Managua.



JOSE NOEL AMPIEZ CASTRO Fabiola’s 14-year-old brother dreams of going back to the school he left to work in the Chureca and help his mother out. In the dump, he looks out for his sister and tries to make sure she does not follow Dominga’s path. He would like her to go back to the evangelical youth center and secretely hopes to have a similar opportunity one day.



ALBA ROSA LOPEZ FONSECA Alba Rosa has worked in the Chureca all her life. The 36-year-old woman comes everyday with her daughter Maryuri and the rest of her family to try to find in the trash the food for the day. “We live from the dump, we eat from the dump”, she says when she tells her story. Her dream would be to be able to buy a piece of land one day, where she could build a house for her children and grandchildren.


ISABEL DEL SOCORRO CASTRO SOLORZANO Doña Isabel, 59 years old, is still working in the Chureca with her children. In 2011, she signed a contract that gave the custody of her daughter Fabiola for a year to Priscilla Cisneros Diaz and her evangelical Christian foundation. But despite the document, she took her daughter out of the youth center after just a few weeks and is struggling to decide whether to let Fabiola go back.


PRISCILLA CISNEROS DIAZ During the week, Priscilla works as an administrator in a baseball academy. On weekends, the devout Christian runs the youth center she recently opened for Fabiola and other young girls form the Chureca. The 27-year-old woman has decided to save Fabiola at all costs and keeps trying to convince her to come back to the center.