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Empowering the women of the Chureca

By My Side [A Mi Lado] is documenting the life of 3 women of the Chureca. But they are people in the landfill of Managua, who are trying to help these women find a way out. As we were shooting the film, we witnessed the work of Earth Education Project, a great UK charity. Fatima, Dominga’s sister, was making colorful greeting cards at home. She is part of this project launched by Andrea Paltzer to help the young women like Dominga, Fabiola and Maryuri.

The goal is to sell these greeting cards abroad and help the women out with the money raised, while empowering them. In the Fall, we teamed up with Earth Education Project. The women of the Chureca were asked to draw what “by my side” meant to them. You will find of their works below. We hope you will check out Earth Education Project’s website and support this important work to help transform the lives of the women of the Chureca.

We wish you a Happy New Year!

The Angel’s wings by Fatima Aragon