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Flying over the Chureca

Shooting By My Side was often demanding but there were very fun moments. The shoot of aerial images of the Chureca, was one of them. We first had to find the small airport in the middle of the Nicaraguan countryside. Then we had to wait for a plane that never came. So “el Capitan” finally decided to take the small Cessna, in which our small crew barely fit as you can see in this video of the making of By My Side. In the plane were Nicolas Garcia, the director of photography of By My Side, Edelmira Lopez Guerrero, the associate producer, and myself.

In the beginning of the clip, you can hear me speak about wanting to see the “pollos negros” (black chickens) of the Chureca. According to one of the legends of the Managua landfill, the massive black crows that live on the dump earned their nickname, when a lady cooked one of them in a soup and sold it the following day pretending it was chicken soup.

Flying over the countryside, the lake, the island of love, the Chureca and the city of Managua, was stunning. Seeing Dominga’s small world and Fabiola’s “playground” from above, helps you to understand the deep connection of the Chureca with the Nicaraguan capital. You also get a sense of its size and its incredible location. You can also see the tricky path along the lake Maryuri and her family are traveling on every day to go and work in the dump.

The flight allowed Nicolas to get the beautiful aerial images you can see in our trailer and you will be able to discover in our film. It was not easy for Nicolas because it was pretty windy that day and the Cessna was shaking a lot.

We will be adding other clips of “the making of” By My Side in the next few days, so check back often.