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Houses for sale in the Chureca

Waste pickers from the Chureca had been waiting for a new house for months. They could see it being built near the site, where they are scavenging every day. A woman apparently tried to take advantage of this hope for a new home. More than 30 people told police earlier this month that they were victims of a scam. Nelly del Socorro Canales Fornos told them she was selling homes in the new housing complex in the Chureca. These people apparently paid between 300 and 500 dollars. According to a story published earlier this month in La Prensa, the woman admitted to the police her guilt in this scam. She supposedly told her victims that she was working for the company building the houses for 258 families of the Chureca and that some of the houses were for sale.

Some people living in the Chureca are afraid to be expelled from their house according to a story in El Nuevo Diario. These people are not scheduled to receive a new house because they apparently did not live in the Chureca when the census was done for the new houses. Dominga’s sister, Fatima, recently received her new home after living for years inside the Chureca.