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Fabiola and Noel, day 1


It was October 7, 2011. We were shooting b-rolls of the Chureca that morning, when Nicolas Garcia, BY MY SIDE’s director of photography, spotted Fabiola and her brother Noel. He spent some time following them. The small clip you can see with this post, is one of the first ones …

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Buzz in the Chureca


Léon and Joséphine, my children, love Buzz Lightyear. We were well into the first week of our October shoot for BY MY SIDE, when I saw him lying all in the trash of the Chureca. At first sight, it was a sad end for a child’s hero.   But Buzz’ …

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Maryuri and Cynthia


I met Maryuri in the Chureca by chance. It was at the end of the first day of our October shoot. We were shooting b-roll of the dump for By My Side and was standing next to her. She asked me what we were doing. I told her we were …

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