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Flying over the Chureca

Shooting By My Side was often demanding but there were very fun moments. The shoot of aerial images of the Chureca, was one of them. We first had to find the small airport in the middle of the Nicaraguan countryside. Then we had to wait for a plane that never came. So “el Capitan” finally [...]

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From Razor Wire Rodeo to By My Side

As I was working on this blog recently, I found out that Razor Wire Rodeo, the film I co-produced with Swiss director Nicolas Pallay, was now being broadcast on hulu.com. If you live in the States, you can watch it here: Jerry Brown, the main participant of Razor Wire Rodeo, is a young black man [...]

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World Environment Day

Today people around the world celebrate the UN World Environment Day or “Dia del media ambiente” as it known in Spanish. For our team at By My Side, this is a special day because we did this film to raise awareness on the situation in one of the largest landfills in the world. We should [...]

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