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Unfulfilled Promises

Fatima, Dominga’s sister, recently received a new house in the new housing development in the Chureca. These houses were built to relocate the Churequeros. Authorities have also been building a new recycling plant to give the waste pickers a new job. El Nuevo Diario recently reported that some people of the Chureca have been left behind. They say they have not received a home nor a job.

Despite living most of her life in the Chureca, doña Isabel has not been offered a house, because she did not live inside the perimeter of the dump anymore. Her son and daughter keep working in the Chureca.

Same thing for Maryuri’s family, who lives outside the Chureca and who did not receive a house. The challenges in the Chureca remain huge. The last time we saw Alba Rosa, Maryuri’s mother, she was suffering from an eye infection.