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World Environment Day

Today people around the world celebrate the UN World Environment Day or “Dia del media ambiente” as it known in Spanish. For our team at By My Side, this is a special day because we did this film to raise awareness on the situation in one of the largest landfills in the world.

We should add that our documentary is not a militant film about the need to recycle trash. This issue is central because about 1500 in the Chureca make a living from what they can find in the trash and recycle. But By My Side is even more about the strength and dignity of 3 young women, who fight to survive in the Chureca. The landfill is the tough environment, where you can find their stories of love, betrayal, family, and battle against the disease. It is the place in which you can also witness the unbreakable bond between a mother and her daughter.

 With By My Side, we wanted to show the ability of the human being to survive in one of the most toxic places on earth. And as we talk today about about the need to save the planet, we think about Dominga, Maryuri and Fabiola, who currently survive with their families thanks to our unability to do so. 





And Dominga:

Dominga in the Chureca